Welcome to the Living Empowered Bali Retreat

Carra and her reputable team invite you to Uluwatu, Bali to discover your true self and true purpose. 

This retreat is an intensive immersion into learning how to adopt better health, how to discover your true purpose and live an empowered life as a modern day woman. It is the sequential retreat following our weekend retreats for busy woman and targets the topic of “spiritual burnout”.

On completion of this “intensive retreat“ with the Living Empowered Team you will have a clear path of how to live with stress resilience and how to start to live your true passion, with purpose and prosperity.

Come and spend one week with us in the serene surroundings of Uluwatu Surf Villas as we venture deep into discovering your authentic self through guided workshops, relaxation, yoga and community building. 



Experience pure BLISS while exploring the true meaning of 


Your Experience


Did you know that in essence all spiritual belief systems have the baseline of the same principals?

Whether you choose to believe in God, Buddah or Shiva it’s all a mirror reflection of the same thing. By having a belief in greater source energy or intelligence, it enables us to be awakened to ‘conscious living’.

In this workshop Carra teaches on what constitutes this valuable style of living and once practiced, how it navigates us to the best quality of life that we could ever imagine full of abundance, love and prosperity.

We explore the topic of ‘soul’s calling’ and the relationship this has with your level of happiness and contentment in life. Carra will teach on the subject of ‘spiritual burnout’. You will learn what it is, how to identify it, treat it and prevent it via living an “authentic” life.

During this session you will be given a very sacred tool to unveil your innate gifts that you were born with. Carra will guide you on how to combine this information with your individual talents and passions to discover what your exact ‘soul’s calling’ is or, what it was that you were put on this earth to do.


The idea of spiritual awakenings, meta healing, light-workers and auras is fast becoming an acceptable part of mainstream culture. Learn the validity of these principles in everyday life and how to incorporate them as part of your everyday experience. 

*This session provides the platform for you to study Reiki – Level 1 (self-healing & personal restoration session) with Leah in your free time whilst on retreat. 


Demystify the supposed evils of chocolate and restore it to it’s true place of reverence as “the food of the gods”. Our workshop will demonstrate how Chocolate can heal the emotional and physical body as well as Chocolate’s own natural ability to expand the heart for a deeper connection with the “self” as well as with loved ones, community and for higher order thinking. 

This class will be delectable 2.5 hours with a cacao meditation to follow in the evening. 


Mark gently guides you to understand the brains different functional states and reveals scientifically validated information about what we experience in each brain state, and how we can start to recognise the state that we are in various points of time throughout the day. 

You will be taught practical tools to connect with your “dream-state” and how it is possible to access the creativity of dreams in waking daily life. 


Did you know that 1 in 3 women have no libido when experiencing stress?

Did you know that if you implement self care techniques you can increase your sex drive by 90%?

Let Mumma T (Trish) take you on a journey of self expression, self love and self pleasure. 

This workshop will be a pinnacle of your experience with Living Empowered Retreats and we encourage you to have an open mind and open heart to participate with us as we have fun and laugh together. 

You will leave this very special morning feeling blissful, joyful and free.


We provide you with essential tools and experiences to help you integrate some foundation techniques into your world, so that you have a higher understanding of how to avoid the 'burnout' state. 

Your Trainers


Skilled in leading high performers to their physical, emotional and mental stability, Carra has over 15 years of experience in women’s body care services and confidence engineering. Carra is a University qualified Scientist drawing on her own real life experiences and the voices of women in high demand environments to develop an exclusive platform for the identification, management and prevention of “burn out”.

Carra confidently disrupts the health and fitness industry with her vision of “NO PAIN MEANS ALL GAIN”.

Managing weight, actively participating in life and achieving goals was NEVER meant to be painful.

Carra is committed to developing a culture of personal development, emotional security and psychological durability, and has championed the innovative concept of Confidence Engineering.


Leah is a wellness writer and author. She is a mother of two thriving children and is an office administrator for a consulting firm. Leah has an interest in “all health” and focuses on sharing her experience as woman and as her family’s healer through her blog, books and social media. A WELL FED HEART 


Mark has lived his life as an analytical engineer who works in the major projects space of civil, municipal and government infrastructure. Over the last three years, Mark has embraced a journey of self-examination to find his inner artist and creativity. Specifically, Mark found that he had an ability to channel spirit messages by putting pen to paper and writing down psychic information into the written English language. In addition, Mark now uses his intuitive and healing abilities to practice Core Belief Therapy which is devoted to the removal of fear from the psyche. This has a global application for identifying self-sabotaging beliefs that stifle creativity and steer you off your life path. 


Following a 37 year marriage which produced 7 children Trish decided to pursue studies in relationship and sexual issues so that she could help others in their life. Her studies included the practice and effect of breath work. In realizing the extent to which family and religious culture, mixed with where you were raised, affected the way people think about relationships and sex, Trish decided to specialize in helping people discover the extent of their cultural and environmental 'cringes' and to help people get through them. She then combined this with breath work, which she uses as a tool to help people get in touch with the level to which people are impacted by their background. Once discovered, Trish uses open communication to help people workthrough these constraints, thus freeing them up to form their own norms in relationships and their sex life. Trish's style is open and earthy, inducing an acceptance of speaking your truth. Having achieved that Trish then puts people in touch with the level of pleasure they can achieve in their life through connecting with others 


Choose from one of our tailored retreat experiences.

PACKAGE 1: $3997 (3 available) 

Your own ocean front king room and bathroom

PACKAGE 2: $3297 (5 available) 

King room shared with one single bed and bathroom 

PACKAGE 3: $3297 (6 available) 

Twin share room and bathroom 

PACKAGE 4: $2297 (7 available) 

Single bed in a shared room (king or bungalow) and bathroom 

Optional Extras

  • In Villa Massage - Traditional Balinese technique of massage with the use of coconut oil and essential oils can be enjoyed in the comfort of your villa 
  • Visit Uluwatu Temple, locally known as Pura Luhur Uluwatu, is one of the must-see temples in Bali. The temple sits on the south-western edge of a limestone cliff that is surrounded by a forest, home to hordes of grey long-tailed macaques. 
  • Attend a Kecak "Fire" Dance at sunset. As one of the most captivating dance performances, the Kecak dance, also frequently dubbed ‘the monkey chant’ or the ‘fire dance’ due to its use of a tall fire torch as its centrepiece, is one of the island’s most famous performances. It features an artistic live rendition of an episode from the Ramayana epic, particularly involving the monkey army and its main protagonists and antagonists, namely Rama and Sita, and the evil Ravana. The absence of any orchestral accompaniment throughout the performances makes the Kecak dance unique, and the only choruses are the result of the polyrhythmic singing by the male dancers, sounding like ‘keh-chuck’, giving the dance its name. The best place to see it is at the open amphitheatre next to the Uluwatu Temple, which uses the setting sun and ocean horizon as its immersive theatrical backdrop. (Read more here)


- 7 Nights accommodation with the LIVING EMPOWERED RETREATS TRIBE at Uluwatu Surf Villas valued at $1000-$2500 

- Local transfers valued at $250 

- Gourmet meals prepared 3 times daily valued at $500 

- Optional Reiki Level 1 (self-healing & personal restoration session) with Master teacher Leah valued at $450

- Private emotional mentoring session with healer Mark $100 

- Retreat refresher course consolidating BURN OUT TO BRILLIANCE training $500

 - 4 Empowering half days of INTENSIVE workshop content delivered by the LIVING EMPOWERED TEAM valued at $1000

 - Yoga and meditation session held daily valued at $350 

- Online community support for a period of 3 months post retreat

 - Personalised "Lifestyle & Self-Love" pack valued at $450 

- A 4-week self-education program with a 30 minute follow up consult with Leah valued at $100, valid for 3 months post retreat

- A valuable tool on discovering your innate gifts and 7 information packed videos on the “pillars of prosperity” for woman ($50)

Our Bali Retreat is a stepping stone above our local retreats, held in the beautiful Uki, New South Wales, Australia. To find out more about these retreats, click here.

Here is what our previous Living Empowered tribe members have said about our retreats:

Your Living Empowered Bali Experience 


  • Enrich you body and spirit with daily movement therapy.
  • Stay in luxurious accomodation, in a serene atmosphere
  • Fuel your body with gourmet meals provided 3 times a day
  • Learn how to heal your body naturally with workshops on Reiki and Emotional healing.
  • An invitation to our in-house spirit festival.
  • Workshops teaching the effects of stress on the female body, spiritual burnout and awakenings, including how to live a conscious life, healing with cacao, discovering your dream-state and the art of self expression and self love. 
  • Optional group activities which will build strength, confidence and awareness. 


  • Over the course of the week you will be able to relish in the majesty of nature and enrich your body and soul.
  • You will be provided the take-away-tools that will guide you to "thriving" and to continue to live as your true self with true purpose long after the week away.
  • All participants receive a tool on discovering your innate gifts that demonstrate how to discover your true purpose and live an empowered life as a modern day woman. 
  • Ongoing support post retreat with your new Tribe and Facilitators via an online community page to continue your journey of self-love and self-care.

Our retreats are designed around small group numbers. This allows for a deeper connection with the facilitators as well as the other attendees. Therefore we have limited places available to the public. We recommend you click the button below and email Carra to place your intial deposit as soon as possible! 

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Living Empowered Lifestyle Design is ready to take you on a journey of restoration and relaxation amongst nature to bring you from burnout to brilliance!

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Mobile: 0401 373 037

Where and when

Uluwatu Surf Villas ,19-26 August, 2017

Jalan Pantai Suluban 

Uluwatu, Pecatu, 80364 

Bali, Indonesia 

The Uluwatu Surf Villas sit cliff-front on the southern Indian Ocean with expansive views and amazing sunsets. While commanding an ultimate view of Uluwatu surfing beach, the villas are also only minutes away from the famous Uluwatu temple, as well as some of Bali’s best “secret” beaches. 

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