Immerse amongst natures serenity.

In order to survive our everyday lives we create ‘busy’. As busy people we often find ourselves overwhelmed and suffocated by stress caused by pressure, events or simply the symptoms of surviving our busy lives. The appearance of obstacles which always seems to occur at a time of our lives that we are craving everything to go right is the most common cause of heightened stress. Not identifying and managing the effects of stress leads you on the path to burnout.

At the Living Empowered Retreat you will embark on a journey to rejuvenation. Through our exclusive teachings you will learn the art of ‘decompression’ which is a process of gently unraveling the unrelenting pressures every day life bestows on the modern day woman. Going through the process of decompression isn't an instant fix, it happens over time and with on-going support.

Over the course of the weekend we will hold interactive sessions to discuss the identification of stress and management techniques, insomnia, weight retention, digestion issues, chronic immune system suppression, depression, infertility and other hormone imbalances.

While immersed in nature, Carra will host movement activities and workshops to ensure you remain energised throughout the weekend and beyond. Developed over many years, her very unique program promotes the use of gentle movement to facilitate strengthening, toning, weight loss, injury correction, hormone balance and health improvements. You will each take home a movement program that is perfectly tailored to your journey from ‘burnout to brilliance’. 




Enrich you body and spirit with daily movement therapy.

Learn how to heal your body naturally with workshops on nutrition and use of essential oils.

An invitation to our in-house spirit festival where you will learn Nia dance and experience a traditional healing.

Workshops teaching the causes of health issues such as insomnia, weight retention, depression and how to combat them with non-strenuouS activity.       
Optional group activities which will build strength, confidence and awareness.


Over the course of the weekend you will be able to relish in the majesty of nature and enrich your body and soul.

You will be provided the take-away-tools of food plans, essential oil protocols and much more that will guide you to "thriving" long after the weekend .

*All participants receive a take home manual of our unique "20 minute miracle lifestyle routine," a proven step-by-step process and checklist to keep your lifestyle intervention on track.

 Program progression in movment routines and food plans every month for 3 months post retreat.

Access to facilitators via an online community page.


Carra Bolard

Skilled in leading high performers to their physical, emotional and mental stability, Carra has over 15 years of experience in women’s body care services and confidence engineering.  Carra is a University qualified Scientist drawing on her own real life experiences and the voices of women in high demand environments to develop an exclusive platform for the identification, management and prevention of “burn out”.
Carra confidently disrupts the health and fitness industry with her vision of “NO PAIN MEANS ALL GAIN”.
Managing weight, actively participating in life and achieving goals was NEVER meant to be painful.
Carra is committed to developing a culture of personal development, emotional security and psychological durability, and has championed the innovative concept of Confidence Engineering.


Leah Follett

Leah is an intuitive healer, health coach, teacher, public speaker, mother of two children and soon-to-be published author. Currently she is focused on teaching others about local, sustainable, cost effective, organic and spray-free produce and homemade fermented foods to heal the gut. Her background is in GAPS, Paleo, Failsafe, ketogenic and other elimination diet.


Special Guest

We've got a big weekend planned for you and we've got a special guest trainer coming in! Not only will you get the knowledge and experience of Carra and Leah, our guest trainer will teach you about creative experssion through different elements and much more!


Our Package Selections:

Package One

Price: $2597 

The  Living Empowered 4 day all-inclusive retreat which includes 3 nights accomodation in a king bed in a beautifully appointed "Eco" room with ensutie.

Zippay, Afterpay and Monthly payment options  available.

Package Two

Price: $1997

The  Living Empowered 4 day all-inclusive retreat which includes 3 nights accomodation in a beautifully appointed "double eco room" with twin beds and ensutie.

Zippay, Afterpay and Monthly payment options  available.

What's Inside a Living Empowered Retreat?

 Movement therapy and teachings related to non-strenuous activities and how it is fundamental in healing and nourishing our bodies

 3 meals prepared per day some of which will be provided through interactive sessions. During these sessions our health coaches will discuss the foundations of food choices.

Locally crafted hand made RAW treats provided for your consumption the whole weekend

Preservative-free wine tasting and "Healthy Cocktail hour".

  A take home manual of our unique “20 minute miracle lifestyle routine to take you from burn out to brilliance”

  Special hamper of products and goodies to kick-start your new healthy life (including a gifted pair  of stunning pattern LIQUIDO leggings)

 ✔ Complimentary massage

Optional beauty services such as manicures, pedicures and facials

 ✔ Outings to the surrounding suburbs of conscious living

Invitation to our in house Spirit Festival 

Dance classes

Transport from Gold Coast airport or home on the Gold Coast to the venue and return
Group outdoor activities

Opportunity to have a consultation with our in house Naturapath who specialises in hormonal balance and weight loss
16 week of post- retreat program progression 

 Proven daily step-by-step process and checklist to keep your health and body on track.


Because we have limited amounts of space at our retreats we recommend you click the button below and email Carra to place your intial deposit as soon as possible!